About Me

My name is Ed Scharf. I collect vintage Mitchell fishing reels and other fine reels made by Pflueger, Shakespeare, ABU Sweden and others.

Being a Mechanical Engineer, I enjoy studying and analyzing old fishing reels from a technical perspective.  To me these old reels are little “jewels of mechanical ingenuity”. I also enjoy servicing and sometimes modifying fishing reels.

About Mitchell-Reels.com

This site is dedicated to the display and documentation of my collection and the discussion of interesting historical and technical information about vintage reels, especially Mitchell Reels.

This site was built to share my interests and knowledge of Mitchell brand fishing reels among others. You will find technical articles from myself as well as others in the hobby. Reels from my personal collection will be featured in photo galleries along with detailed descriptions and additional information.

Mitchell-Reels.com is in no way affiliated with Pure Fishing, Inc., Mitchell®, or Abu-Garcia®. This is a hobbyist site created to share the love of this brand as well as others.

This site is a work in progress, so stop back from time to time to see what's new!